• Luke Askew

A New Life in London

So, having been at Uni for a year, I decided that it wasn't for me and left. I think, if anything, I've learnt that: I am my best teacher and I don't need tutors keeping me accountable.

Where I'm at now is rather new, I'm entering the world of the freelance musician. Not exactly where I had planned to be two years ago, but I think it is where I'm meant to be and, ultimately, where I was gonna end up, Uni degree or not. I'm having to move out of my current accommodation in West London, as it's for students, into a new place south of the river. It's starkly different but it's gonna be an amazing experience, living with friends, surrounded by the brilliantly musical individuals I met last year.

I'm focussing on building my brand before the beginning of my tenancy, whilst I'm back in Suffolk. I've managed to pass the '1,000 followers mark' on Instagram. The Year goal is 10,000. Good to aim high right!

Also, this blog will be weekly and used for me as a review of the material I have studied in the previous week. It means I'm gonna probably revisit certain texts I have covered in the year, starting with some harmony of Jacob Collier. His music is unfiltered imagination, something I aim for, his harmony the foundation of his thought.

It will be great if you could join me!