• Luke Askew

Jacob is my musical crush

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Polychords... Something we have seen often in jazz and other modern styles. Perhaps, it is even becoming somewhat of a novelty? (I'd like to know what you think!) The idea of polytonality is argued by some theorists (Babbitt/Hindemith/Toorn) as invalid (but more on that in a later post, perhaps).

I came across a great little idea during my analysis of June Lee's transcription of Jacob Collier's work.

Take a look at bar 5, we have an Eb major triad over an F minor triad, without the fifth, resolving inwardly to a Bb altered chord, then to the tonic. Collier, here has used a polychord in a clever manner, whilst using typical voice leading of polychords, in contrary motion (typical movement for bichords) then continues to a V-I, a perfect cadence. In essence he is using to cadential formulas simaltaneously: ii-V-I and a I-V-I. Very cool!



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